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4 Man Joust
$210~Delivery 8 hr Rental
A 21'  by 21'  four player joust arena. Compete with your friends when it comes to balance and strength!! In the end the best player will be standing! The Gladiator Joust is one of our most popular items. It s great for all parties for kids or adults; everyone loves the joust inflatable interactive! Fight until you opponent falls or set up a tournament! Whatever you do, our inflatable joust interactive is sure to keep the fun coming for hours! The inflatable joust can easily fit in a gym or any other large room. It s also great for backyards! And I know the words  gladiator joust  don t really sound...safe, but believe me, our inflatable joust interactive really is. The arena is made of soft vinyl, so if you fall, you bounce right back up. And our jousting rods are made of hi density foam; and along with the pedestals and rods, we give you four helmets for extra protection. Add a popcorn popper with your Joust Arena inflatable rental and lighten up the party!!
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$170~Pick Up 48 hr Rental